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Feuerwehrwilli at FireDos

FeuerwehrWilli testing FireDos proportioners DZ1000 and FZ1000

FeuerwehrWilli visited us and tested our portable proportioning system DZ1000 and our FZ1000 for fire trucks. Special highlight in the video: the extinguishing test to compare the extinguishing effect of wetting agent and water. See for yourself!

The portable proportioning system DZ1000 offers highest flexibility in mobile use and is also suitable for the production of wetting agent. Due to its low surface tension, wetting water can penetrate deep into the fire material and thus increase the extinguishing success compared to water or foam, depending on the application. 

The FZ1000 proportioning system was developed for installation in fire trucks and is also suitable for generating wetting agent. It is designed for extinguishing water flows of 40 – 1000 l/min.

thanks to wiss
for providing us with a fire truck!

Are you interested in a visit of the demo fire truck from WISS including the installed FZ1000 proportioner from FireDos?

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