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Optimized flow pattern, maximum range.


FireDos monitors can deliver thousands of gallons of water per minute in excess of 500 feet. The innovative, flow-optimized ‘Oval Flat Design’ ensures minimum pressure loss, enabling maximum throw and range for the monitors.

  • For flow rates from 132 to 15,850 gpm
  • Manually or electrically controlled
  • Adjust the extinguishing agent flow rate during operation and at full pressure


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safe investment

Robust, reliable, sturdy, built-to-last

easy operation and integration

Electrically operated and compatible with thermal imaging systems


Wide swiveling ranges, adjustable extinguishing agent flow rate

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Monitor nozzles

The monitor nozzle shapes the jet

Regardless of using water or foam, manual or electrical controls, FireDos offers the perfect nozzle for your firefighting monitor application.


  • Discharge water or low-expansion foam premix
  • Adjustable extinguishing agent flow rate
  • Stepless adjustment between hollow jet and spray jet
  • Circle-shaped spray jet, optional nozzle design for shaping a flat and wide spray jet

RFP Foam Pipe

  • Add-on to the multi-purpose nozzles
  • Temporary discharge of low-expansion foam
  • Discharge pure water


  • Discharge low-expansion foam
  • Wide jet produces a foam blanket
  • With the deflector in place, a wide jet can be produced for large-surface foam application
  • Discharge pure water
  • Wide swiveling ranges

Depending on the equipment version, the following maximum swiveling ranges are available:

  • Horizontal (left/right): 360° (350° at DC drives)
  • Vertical (up/down): +/-90°, depending on the selected version
  • Sturdy and long-lasting

The media-exposed components are designed for working pressures up to 232 psi with lubricated-for-life bearings. Reduced friction resistance seals guarantee ease of movement even after long downtimes.

  • Adjustable flow rate

All type series are available with nozzles and foam pipes allowing flow rate adjustment even during operation and at full pressure

configure your monitor

Typical monitor applications

FireDos monitors are used wherever extinguishing agents for fire class A and B are applied, outdoors and indoors. Typical fields of application include tank farms, waste incineration plants, jetties and aircraft hangars.

fire monitor and nozzle selection

Type series
M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M7 M9 M12
Max. extinguishing agent flow rate in l/min 2000 2500 4000 8000 12000 24000 40000 60000
Multi-purpose nozzle (MPN) x x* x* x* x* x    
Multi-purpose nozzle with adjustable  
extinguishing agent flow rate (AMPN)
  x x x x x x x
Removable foam pipe (RFP) x x x x x x x x
Foam pipe with deflector (FPD)   x x x x x    
Foam pipe with deflector and adjustable 
extinguishing agent flow rate (AFPD)
  x x x x x    
* Valid for selected product and drive types. See separate datasheet and FM Approval Guide entry.

Start testing our fire monitors – in the virtual world of FireDos!

Explore the virtual world of FireDos and test our monitors in simulated application settings. Augmented Reality puts our monitors into your hands – just a click away.

Please note the following for easier navigation:

  • Use the number buttons to show the individual camera positions.
  • Use the buttons 'q' and 'e' to navigate up and down.

We look forward to meeting you in our virtual world!

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integration into automated fire extinguishing systems

For remote-controlled operation in stationary extinguishing systems, our monitors can be equipped with functional controls. Integration into existing thermal imaging systems is possible. Users benefit from minimum reaction times and maximum reliability.

  • Compatible with all types of electrical drives
    We offer control systems for all types of electrical drives: direct, alternating or three-phase current, regardless of voltage or frequency.

  • Numerous control functions
    Remote control of all monitor functions: from traveling to park or working position, oscillating movement and automatic self-testing.
  • Portable and stationary operating panels
    Controlled using mobile or permanently installed operating panels. Portable remote controls can also be implemented.
  • Individual integration into existing systems
    FireDos monitors process signals from early fire detection systems by various manufacturers. In addition, they support the signal exchange with superior control systems and fire alarm panels. Integration into CCTV monitoring solutions is also possible.

Fire monitor brochure

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image gallery

technical documentation

Type size Download
Data sheetM1 Download
Data sheetM2-M7 FP-FPD AC Download
Data sheetM2-M7 FP-FPD AC 3-Phase Download
Data sheetM2-M7 FP-FPD DC Download
Data sheetM2-M7 FP-FPD L+MO Download
Data sheetM2-M7 MPN AC Download
Data sheetM2-M7 MPN AC 3-Phase Download
Data sheetM2-M7 MPN DC Download
Data sheetM2-M7 MPN L+MO Download
Data sheetM2-M9 AMPN AC Download
Data sheetM2-M9 AMPN AC 3-Phase Download
Data sheetM2-M9 AMPN DC Download
Data sheetM2-M9 AMPN L+MO Download
Document Download
Data sheetDeclaration of conformity Download
Data sheetDeclaration of conformity ATEX Download
Document Download
Data sheetFM certificate Download

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