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Proportioners, monitors, fire trailers.


We create solutions on the highest level of technology. Our proportioners, monitors and fire trailers guarantee successful operation worldwide. No matter if in industrial businesses, with professional, factory or volunteer fire brigades – our products fit into fire extinguishing systems at maximum flexibility and enhance their efficiency. 

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stationary proportioners
for extinguishing systems

Our stationary proportioners are applied in sprinkler or deluge, wet or dry extinguishing systems. Typical fields of application are all places where flammable substances, liquids in particular, are produced, transported, stored or disposed of, e.g., in fire extinguishing systems for tank farms, jetties, hangars, high-rack warehouses or pump rooms.    

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for fire trucks

The personnel of municipal, factory or volunteer fire brigades needs equipment to rely on. Our proportioners were designed specially for use by firefighters and produce extinguishing foam or wetting agent. They are installed in fire trucks.    

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portable proportioners
for mobile use

Our portable proportioners were optimized for varying firefighting scenarios and ensure maximum flexibility in mobile use. They are suitable for all nozzle types. No matter if wetting agent or foam – they are fit for both ways of operation, and for pulsating/intermittent use in particular.  

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Our monitors are suitable for firefighting with water or foam and can throw thousands of liters of water per minute more than 150 meters. Various nozzle types are available.  

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fire trailers

Fire trailers are used if extra flexibility is required on-site. Depending on the type of application, the trailers can be equipped with monitors and/or proportioners.   

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