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Reducing risks with a flexible fire protection concept 

Oil & gas industry: Tank farms

Extinguishing fires in tank farms of the oil and gas industry is one of the most challenging scenarios that firefighters and emergency services must prepare for. At the same time, the number and size of tank farms worldwide is ever-increasing. To reduce risks and protect assets and personnel, stationary extinguishing systems in tank farms are supplemented by mobile extinguishing technology providing additional safety and flexibility.  

Fire protection appliances for the oil and gas industry are classified as fire class B. This means they require special extinguishing systems, i.e., foam extinguishing systems, as foam is considered the best extinguishing agent for liquid fires. Water is also used as an extinguishing agent for tank wall cooling and gas mitigation applications.  

Goods to be protected: 

  • Flammable liquids/substances such as crude oil and polar solvents, which are soluble in water, such as ethanol and alcohols; gases, chemicals, petrochemical liquids 

Requirements for firefighting technology 

FireDos manufacture highly reliable stationary proportioners ideal for overcoming complex firefighting scenarios with a simple solution reliant only on the extinguishing water flow. This minimises the additional power requirements of electric motors and standby backup diesel generators, as the concept is purely mechanical. 

Many oil & gas industry applications require a high level of certification relying on the third party certification of VdS or FM to ensure a high operating and certification standard. All FireDos equipment meets this standard, ensuring peace of mind for the purchaser.

The purely mechanical concept lends itself ideally to mobile equipment such as trailers where the foam proportioning pump is powered solely by the extinguishing water from the hose connections. Additionally, the wide flow range and pressure independence mean a trailer can be located and positioned almost anywhere for convenience and safety.

The increasing trend for smart extinguishing technology provides safe, remote operation from a distance and remote maintenance enables our proportioning units and monitors to be remotely tested and controlled. 

stationary foam proportioners

The purely mechanical FireDos proportioners are highly reliable. They guarantee a constant proportioning rate and delivery of all foam agents, including high viscosity foam agents. 

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firefighting monitors

Monitors are installed in tank farms as fixed extinguishing units or as part of a mobile fire trailer. They can be integrated into automatic fire extinguishing systems, and they can be operated via remote control. 

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fire trailers

Convenient and easy to deploy: Fire trailers, equipped with proportioners, monitors or a combination of both. 

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Fire risks in tank farms 

  • Rim seal fires:
    Rim seal fires frequently occur in tanks with a floating roof and can be extinguished quickly using stationary extinguishing systems, provided they are detected early enough. However, if a fire persists longer, the seal may be damaged and cause an oil spill. This poses the risk of an extensive fire. In addition, this damage or excess use of water may cause the floating roof to sink, causing a full-surface fire.

  • Fires caused by vapors:
    Vapors may leak during the storage of petrochemical liquids and are at risk of catching fire by, e.g., lightning.

  • Embankment:
    Tank farms are usually encompassed by a sealed embankment, dike or bund area or stand inside a pond to contain leaking fluids. Leaks from valves and associated equipment can catch fire within the bund area. Likewise, liquids may catch fire if they leak from the tank unintendedly. 

  • Explosion:
    Explosions can damage stationary extinguishing systems, meaning a mobile backup solution is the only choice as a fire protection system.

  • Boilover:
    A boilover happens as a result of a longer duration crude oil tank fire where trapped water quickly evaporates, resulting in a fireball. 

  • Full-surface tank fire:
    In the worst case, even a sinking of the floating roof can occur. If this surface catches fire, a full-surface tank fire develops in a minimum of time, often relying on fixed foam monitor and mobile solutions to assist. 

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FireDos Service features

We provide you with comprehensive service – from planning the extinguishing technology solution through commissioning to maintenance. No matter what project phase you are in, we won’t let you down. Our service personnel will be on-site quickly, worldwide.  

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Typical fields of application in the oil & gas industry 

Stationary proportioner, monitor and fire trailer, equipped with proportioner and monitor. 

Fire trailer with proportioner and fire trailer with monitor. 

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Developing a fire protection concept: Make sure to consider the following 

  • A suitable fire protection concept with alternative scenarios which is regularly adjusted to the particular situation. 
  • Besides fixed extinguishing systems, there must always be access to sufficient mobile systems as a backup 
  • Suitable foam agent concentrate 
  • Sufficient foam agent supply 
  • Sufficient water supply 
  • Extinguishing appliances exist in sufficient numbers, are quickly and conveniently accessible, placed strategically correctly and ready for operation 
  • Well-trained personnel 
  • Rapid implementation of a suitable response plan 


Hazardous substances protected by monitors

Hazardous substances protected by monitors

Four remote controlled monitors are part of the fire safety concept in K.okkola

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use of foam for firefighting in tank farms

use of foam for firefighting in tank farms

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FireDos Service team: Always there for you

FireDos Service team: Always there for you

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