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Fighting fires from a safe distance, regardless of water levels and weather conditions 

Jetties and freight ships 

When loading and unloading vessels, there is the risk of leaking fuel or liquid natural gas becoming an ignition source. Adaptation to the surrounding conditions will ensure successful fire protection for jetties and freight ships. Weather and water level changes must be considered, requiring the fire extinguishing system to be versatile and reliable.

Assets to be protected: 

  • Flammable liquids, such as fuel and liquid natural gas 
  • Loading arms, pump manifolds 
  • Engine rooms, freight goods 

Firefighting systems Requirements                                      


Firefighting monitors installed for protecting jetties must be extremely durable. All FireDos monitors are made of high-grade, seawater-resistant aluminum alloy. Their water-/media-exposed parts are designed to handle pressures up to 232 psi with bearings that are lubricated for life. In addition, friction resistant seals provide unrestricted operation with minimal effort even after long downtimes.

Firefighting monitors are normally installed on towers, enabling efficient firefighting under headwind conditions and protecting them from rising water levels. FireDos monitors are designed for extinguishing agent flow rates from 132 to 15,850 gpm. The flow-optimized Oval Flat Design nearly eliminates pressure loss, enabling the monitors to achieve maximum range. This extended range combined with integration into automated extinguishing systems make the remote-controlled FireDos monitors ideal for pinpointed firefighting from a safe distance.


On-deck monitors are mainly intended to discharge low-expansion foam and are normally located along the central line of the deck to quickly fight fires and keep them from spreading. A 25% dimensioning safety is recommended, meaning the monitor should be dimensioned and positioned in such a way that it can reach a distant target at 75% of its maximum range and flow rate under windless conditions.

Proportioners for firefighting with foam 

Fires in the jetty area may require extinguishing with water or foam. Stationary proportioners are installed in the sprinkler control room to supply the extinguishing foam. On freight ships or oil tankers, stationary proportioners deliver foam for firefighting both on-deck and inside the vessel. All components should be placed at a sufficient distance from the risk area.

FireDos proportioners are suitable for all foam agent types including those of high viscosity. The purely mechanical, highly reliable system provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly method to test the proportioning rate without generating premix or foam, eliminating cleanup and disposal costs.

firefighting monitors

FireDos monitors can be integrated into automated fire extinguishing systems and operated via remote control.

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stationary foam proportioners

FireDos stationary foam proportioners are highly reliable, guarantee a constant proportioning rate and deliver all foam agent types. 

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Fire risks ON jetties and freight ships

  • Leaking fuel or liquid natural gas 
    Improper maintenance or operation of couplings and pumps risk leaking fuel or liquid natural gas that could become an ignition source when loading and unloading ships.

  • Short circuits
    Wiring faults or defective insulation may cause short circuits and pose a fire risk.

  • Overheating
    If boilers or pumps in engine rooms overheat, oil and fuel may catch fire.

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Typical applications


  • The firefighting technology must be sturdy enough to cope with the weather conditions. 
  • The need for pinpointed extinguishing from a safe distance requires automated extinguishing technology that allows flexible positioning. 
  • The following guidelines for system design should be observed: 
    • International Maritime Organization (IMO) 
    • Safety of Life at Sea, 1974 (SOLAS)  
    • Code for Fire Safety Systems (FSS) 

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