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Material and packaging concentrations increase the fire risk 


As more and more storage space is required, the high-rack warehouses that are built become even bigger. Along with this, it is distinguished between personnel-operated and fully automated high-rack systems. Both the stored goods and the concentration of packaging material pose a high fire risk. In addition, the open, high and spacious way of construction facilitates quick fire spreading. Fully automated systems must not be entered by personnel and thus require an automated fire suppression system. Quick fire detection and extinguishing is crucial. 

Goods to be protected: 

  • Stored goods and packaging 

Requirements to the firefighting technology 

High-rack warehouses are normally protected by sprinkler systems. It is distinguished between automatically activated ceiling sprinklers and in-rack sprinkler systems. More protection is however ensured by deluge systems, which are recommended depending on the type of stored goods. 

Stationary proportioners for firefighting with foam 

Some types of fire can be fought effectively only when using foam. For this purpose, stationary proportioners are also installed in high-rack warehouses, supplying premix to sprinkler and deluge systems for the generation of fire extinguishing foam. 

Our stationary proportioners are highly reliable. They guarantee a constant proportioning rate and the delivery of all foam agent types.   

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Fire risks in warehousing 

  • Material and packaging concentration:
    The risk of a fire in high-rack warehousing is high due to the concentration of materials and packaging. 

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Typical Applications 

Developing a fire protection concept: Make sure to consider the following 

  • Stationary proportioner for fire suppression with foam, placed at a safe distance from the risk area 


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