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Smoldering fire risk

Recycling and waste incineration plants

Stored with a wide variety of combustible materials in recycling or waste incineration plants, the risk of a fire is high. The burning behavior of these substances is very different. Beside early detection, cooling hotspots and quick extinguishing is decisive. 

Goods to be protected:

  • Materials intended for recycling 
  • Materials after separation which are stored for further processing 
  • Storage depots on-site 

Requirements to the extinguishing technology 

It is important that not only fires in recycling or waste incineration plants are detected early, but also extinguished effectively. Down-times of such plants must be avoided as far as possible. 

Integration into automated extinguishing systems 

Automated fire extinguishing systems are commonly used. In such systems, remote-controlled FireDos monitors allow accurately targeted firefighting instead of large-scale extinguishing processes by, e.g., sprinkler systems. 

Infrared early detection systems 

Detection systems based upon heat detection guarantee the early identification of fires. Combined with automated extinguishing systems, such early fire detection systems prevail over other technologies. Fires can be extinguished reliably before a professional response becomes necessary. 

Proportioners for production of wetting agent 

In many cases, the use of wetting agent can increase the extinguishing success even further. This is a perfect field of application for FireDos proportioners due to the precise proportioning of foam agent concentrates at low proportioning rates, e.g., 0.1%. 

The combined use of fire source detection, proportioning and precise, remote-controlled monitors helps reduce fire damage and save costs. The higher investment costs are quickly compensated by savings due to reduced system down-time and failures.

firefighting monitors

FireDos monitors can be integrated into automated fire extinguishing systems and operated via remote control.  

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stationary foam proportioners

Our stationary proportioners are highly reliable. They guarantee a constant proportioning rate and the delivery of all foam agent types, including high-viscosity foam agents. 

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Early Fire Detection

Early fire detection systems using infrared detection in combination with remote-controlled monitors allow early identification and fighting of potential fire sources.  

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FireDos M2 monitor in a recycling plant

Fire risks in recycling and waste incineration plants 

  • Smoldering fires in the dump area
    Various ignition sources exist in the accumulated materials in dumping areas of recycling and waste incineration plants. Fires typically occur from damaged lithium ion batteries. In composting plants, the decomposition of organic products may lead to the formation of gases that are ignited by sparks; or decomposition may lead to such high temperatures which cause self-ignition of the stored substances. This is how smoldering fires develop. Such types of fires are sometimes hard to detect and also hard to fight while they keep spreading. 

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Typical application in a recycling or waste incineration plant 

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Fire protection concept for recycling and waste incineration plants: Make sure to consider the following 

  • Automated extinguishing systems with remote-controlled monitors allow targeted firefighting. 
  • Infrared early detection systems guarantee reliable early detection. 
  • Proportioners that allow the production of wetting agent in addition to foam can enhance the success of firefighting. 

Infrafred early fire detection in a waste disposal plant

WEAG now can rely on fully automatic fire extinguishing.

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Automatic extinguishing with heat detection

Learn more about the advantages for incineration plants

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Remote-controlled monitors for fixed systems

Remote-controlled monitors allow targeted but flexible firefighting.

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