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proportioners for fire trucks

The emergency personnel of municipal fire services, factory or voluntary fire brigades need equipment they can rely on at 100 %. Our proportioners were developed specifically for use by fire brigades and convince by their easy operation, reliability and flexibility when in use. These units are fit to be installed in crew cab or tanker fire trucks, roll-off containers and aerial ladder trucks.  

  • For all fire trucks and roll-off containers
  • For the production of foam and wetting agent
  • For all foam agent types 

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FZ1000: New foam proportioner for fire trucks




  • Independent of the on-board power supply
  • Constant proportioning rate
  • Suitable for foam agents with medium viscosity
  • Suitable for all types of discharge devices


With the new FZ1000, the next evolutionary stage of proportioning systems is making its way into fire trucks. More compact, safer, more functional – the new FZ1000 GEN III features numerous improvements that make the generation of firefighting foam in fire trucks more efficient and convenient.

Due to the purely mechanical operating principle, the drive takes place without external energy, and is independent of the on-board power supply. The water motor and proportioning pump ensure that the extinguishing water’s pressure and delivery rate have no effect on the accuracy of the proportioning. The selected proportioning rate is precisely maintained under all operating conditions. The length and layout of the extinguishing water lines also have no effect.

Fluorine-free and/or alcohol-resistant foam agents can be very viscous. The new vehicle unit is also suitable for foam agents with medium viscosity, as the proportioning pump of the FZ1000 has been specially designed for this purpose. In addition, no flushing process is necessary. Foam or wetting agent remains in the sturdy proportioning pump. And: The new FZ1000 is suitable for all types of discharge devices.

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your advantages:

Suitable for pulsating / intermittent operation

The proportioning rate stays constant also when the extinguishing water is discharged in pulsating or intermittent mode. 

Purely mechanical, independent of on-board power supply

Driven solely by the flow of extinguishing water. No electricity is required, which means no additional load to the truck’s power supply. 

Production of wetting agent and foam below 100 l/min 

The foam agent is injected precisely already at a low extinguishing water flow rate, guaranteeing effective firefighting. 

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Proportioners for fire trucks

Maximum safety and flexibility in firefighting                       

The innovative product concept of stationary FireDos proportioners also characterizes the fire truck versions: 

  • Purely mechanical, absolutely interference-free 

The purely mechanical product concept of the proportioners allows an absolutely trouble-free mobile operation. It is totally independent of any on-board power supply; and also if installed in a roll-off container or trailer-mounted, no external power supply is needed to run the equipment. What‘s more, stepless adjustment of the proportioning rate is 

  • Always ready to run

When seconds matter in a rescue operation, the equipment has to work smoothly. After one-time venting of the proportioning pump, the mobile FireDos proportioners are ready to go and the set proportioning rate is always available, without any limitations of flow rates or pressure changes. 

  • Numerous types and equipment versions 

No fire rescue operation is like the other. The mobile FireDos proportioners adapt to the site conditions ideally: numerous types and equipment options are available.

  • For all foam agent types 

The proportioners are designed to handle all types of foam agents, also for the production of wetting agent.

  • Compatible with all nozzle types 

For maximum flexibility during operation, the proportioners are compatible with all nozzles or discharge devices. 

  • Easy operation 

FireDos proportioners are developed specially for fire brigades. We care about what matters: safety and ease of use. Operating the equipment intuitively is no problem also in stressful situations. 

The suitable proportioner for your fire truck       

Crew cab, tanker fire truck or roll-off container – our proportioners for fire trucks are available in various sizes and flexibly fit into the vehicles.

Fire trucks 

Our proportioners fit perfectly into crew cab fire trucks of different sizes. Four flow directions through the water motor are possible and guarantee flexible installation. This allows retrofitting also into existing vehicles. 

Industrial and tanker fire trucks 

Compared with crew cab fire trucks, tanker fire trucks provide more space for the proportioner. Larger sizes are used here that can convey higher water amounts more quickly. 

Roll-off containers 

The largest sizes of our proportioners are installed in roll-off containers. They serve as emergency machinery in firefighting operations, are equipped with special technology or can bridge the time as a mobile unit until the extinguishing water supply over a larger distance has been set up. 

Mobile units 

Our proportioners are also installed in roll containers. As an alternative, these units are available in a support frame. 

Other vehicles

Our proportioners also fit into many more vehicles, such as in aerial ladder platforms, fire trailers or for proportioning in wildfire planes.  

Test our proportioner in the fire truck! 

The following animation shows the working principle of the proportioner as well as its testing mode where no foam or premix is produced. Please click on ON and OFF.  

Types for fire trucks or roll-off containers:            

Series Water flow rate Operating pressure Proportioning rates
FZ1000 ca. 60 – 1000 l/min
up to 16 bar
stepwise adjustable proportioning rates 0.1 / 0.3 / 1 / 3 %
FZ2000 ca. 100 – 2000 l/min
FD2000 ca. 200* – 2000 l/min
stepless (0.1) 0.3 – 3 %
FD3000 ca. 400* – 3000 l/min
ca. 250* – 3000 l/min
fixed proportioning rates 3 %, 6 % 
stepless (0.1) 0.3 – 3 %
FD4000** ca. 500* – 4000 l/min
fixed proportioning rates 3 %, 6 %

* without the optional flow reduction, depending on operating pressure and proportioning rate

** adjustable only in steps

For lager types, please contact us

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You are planning a fire truck and would like to know more about a FireDos proportioner? We will be happy to help you and prepare the technical brief descriptions of our products together with you. 

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Brochure proportioners and monitors for mobile firefighting

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technical documentation

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Data sheetFZ1000 Fire Trucks Download
Data sheetFD2000-3000 Fire Trucks Download
Data sheetFD4000 Fire Trucks Download
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Data sheetDeclaration of Conformity Download

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