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Effective risk mitigation in hazardous areas


Fire extinguishing trailers are indispensable tools for firefighting and cooling in hazardous areas. As a mobile supplement to stationary extinguishing systems, they offer flexibility and performance. Equipped with fire monitors, foam proportioning systems or a combination of both, as well as a foam agent tank, FireDos trailers are versatile and enable a rapid response to fires. They are suitable for quick and flexible deployment in various locations, especially where no fixed fire extinguishing equipment is available. 

They reduce the need for personnel within the risk zone and thus contributes to the safety of the emergency services.

Fire fighting trailers:
  • Equipped with fire monitors, foam proportioners, or a combination of both
  • Effective firefighting with water and foam

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Variable extinguishing agent flow rates for efficient firefighting. 

Quick and flexible 

Superior mobility provides quick operational readiness anytime, anywhere.

Minimizing personnel risk 

Fire trailers reduce the need for personnel in risk zones.

Fire Fighting trailer types

Depending on the application, these mobile extinguishing systems are equipped with a firefighting monitor, a proportioning system or a combination of both devices, as well as a foam agent tank.

Fire trailer with monitor 

Fire trailer with proportioner 

Fire trailer with proportioner, monitor and foam agent tank 

  • Fire trailer with monitor

These trailers are equipped with powerful FireDos monitors, that enable precise and targeted firefighting. Fire monitor trailers are particularly suitable for fighting fires in areas that are difficult to access or for cooling objects from a safe distance. When equipped with a 24-volt power supply and radio remote control for operating the monitor from a distance, they provide additional safety for personnel.

  • Fire trailer with foam proportioner

Fire suppression trailers equipped with a proportioning system offer the option of mixing water with foam agent to ensure effective firefighting. These systems are particularly efficient when fighting liquid fuels and offer improved extinguishing performance.

  • Fire trailer with proportioner, monitor and foam agent tank

These fire fighting trailers combine the functions of monitors and proportioning systems and have an additional foam agent tank. They offer maximum flexibility and performance and are ideal for complex firefighting scenarios.

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typical applications for Fire Fighting Trailers

  • Industrial plants

Fire extinguishing trailers are used in industrial plants to fight fires and protect facilities and buildings. They offer a fast and efficient way of fighting fires and preventing major damage.

  • Tank farms

In tank farms, trailers are often used to combat tank fires and to cool neighboring tanks. Thanks to their mobility and versatility, they are able to respond quickly to different types of fires and ensure effective firefighting.

Stationary proportioner, monitor and fire trailer, equipped with proportioner and monitor.  

Fire trailer with proportioner and fire trailer with monitor.  

High flexibility and mobility - but different capacities

Fire Trailers, Fire Fighting Skid Units ("SKIDS") & Roll-off Containers                                      

Skid units are portable fire fighting units that are mounted on a type of pallet or sled. They are often transported in off-road vehicles or pick-ups. However, these very compact extinguishing units have a limited capacity compared to larger fire fighting units. 

Possible applications: They are ideal for rapid deployment in areas that are difficult to access, especially for small to medium-sized fires.

Information on FireDos portable firefighting skid units can be found here.

Firefighting water/foam roll-off containers, on the other hand, are containers equipped with specialized firefighting equipment that must be transported with a swap body vehicle. They often make up for their lower flexibility with a significantly higher capacity and are therefore also suitable for larger fires.   

FireDos Trailers: robust and customized

Our fire suppression trailers are characterized not only by their flexibility and performance, but also by their robustness and reliability. Manufactured from high-quality materials, our trailers are designed to withstand the most demanding operating conditions over the long term.

Every area of application and every industry faces specific fire protection requirements. For this reason, we offer solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of our customers and the extinguishing scenarios. We will be happy to advise you!

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