Welcome to the technical market leader.

We are experts, focusing on our own-developed proportioners and monitors for fire-fighting only. Our products are technical market leaders worldwide. We know what our customers need and understand the water flow through an entire extinguishing system or fire truck.



Our proportioning concept, based upon a water motor coupled piston pump ...


For effective fire-fighting by using foam or wetting agent ...


Easy to operate and maximum reach for the extinguishing agent jet ...

Why we make the difference.

FireDos Team

We are the experts, developing and manufacturing high-quality proportioners and monitors for fire-fighting. Our global sales and service guarantee you full care before, during and after purchase of our products.

Technical proficiency is what matters to us most: We were the ones who developed the proportioning concept based on a water motor coupled piston pump and established it in the market. Also, this includes the quick, eco-friendly and cost-saving testing of the proportioning rate while no premix or foam is produced. Since then, we have delivered over 12 000 units to customers worldwide. They all appreciate our products' longevity and quality.

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We pay all our attention exclusively to our proportioners and monitors, which are designed and developed entirely by us. Our products' technology is leading worldwide.
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Quality – Made in Germany:

Our products represent quality and durability. Thousands of them are in use worldwide and stand for ‘Made in Germany’.
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Customer care:

We are always there for you prior to, during and after purchasing.
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Health, safety, qualification and continuous training of our staff are of highest importance to us, as is mutual respect.
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We know our customers' requirements and understand the water flow through an entire extinguishing system or fire truck thoroughly.
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Our practice as a company is to protect the environment. Most importantly, this is also what our products do: Our proportioners can be tested without generating foam or premix which might affect the environment.


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