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Safety will pay off. 

Maintenance and repair

Lack of maintenance is the main reason for malfunctions at FireDos proportioners and monitors. Benefit from our well-trained service personnel also here, having the required annual maintenance followed by determining the proportioning rate also done in a skilled manner by them. 

Entering into a maintenance contract, you reduce the failure risk of your extinguishing system to a minimum. Benefit from saving time and costs, having a proportioner that is always ready to operate. Especially convenient: Our service team can arrange the maintenance dates for you to stay within the servicing intervals. You can sign a maintenance contract online here. 

Beyond this, we assist you during the acceptance test of your extinguishing system by third parties and prepare an individual commissioning report. 

Sign once – always save 

Your benefits of a maintenance contract 

readiness for operation

Compliance with regulations

time & cost saving

Minimize downtime

automatic reminders

Guaranteed service intervals

order a maintenance contract