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our partner in south africa: dosetech – special risk industrial fire protection

This time, it's off to the south. Our partner in South Africa works where others go on vacation: in Cape Town. The partnership between DoseTech and FireDos has existed for over 20 years. Mike Feldon, Managing Director of DoseTech, is not only a FireDos veteran, but also an expert in the field of Special Risk Industrial Fire Protection. We asked him a few questions and went on a little journey through time.

Once the industry embraced FireDos technology and benefits, we began to successfully supply many projects covering a wide range of industries and applications.

Mike Feldon,
Managing Director of DoseTech

13,000 km in the South: DoseTech is one of our Southern most partners. What is the core competence of DoseTech?   

DoseTech moved into the fire foam proportioner industry 23 years ago when we secured the FireDos agency, our focus is special risk industrial fire protection.

How did you come to this business? 

DoseTech was originally a chemical dosing pump company marketing electric motor dosing / metering pumps. In 1998 we were introduced to the MSR Dosiertechnik (former FireDos company) and to the water motor dosing / proportioner industry from FireDos. I 'fell in love' with FireDos foam proportioners and made it my mission to introduce this amazing technology to the South African fire protection industry. This was a challenge due to the extremely conservative nature of the fire industry. They like to stay with what they know, even if the technology is old or troublesome, rather than going with new technically beneficial technology. Once the industry embraced FireDos technology and benefits, we began to successfully supply many projects covering a wide range of industries and applications.

Want to see Mike in action?

What is special about the South African market? 

Our market is very diversified. Our challanges remain the 'old technologies' which leads into our goal of continuing to become a reliable, knowledgeable product / industry specific expert and information resource plus bring new technology and complete solution to our local market. Currently we are busy with

  • petrochemical refineries and fuel storage depots
  • a sugar mill
  • a warehouse
  • an edible oil production
  • an 'Isuzu' paint shop in the new factory.

For how many years do you work with FireDos? What was your personal highlight? 

I have personally been involved for 23 years now. This means I saw the old MSR company manufacturing blue pump proportioner throughout the factory and watched over the years the red FireDos pump slowly take over the FireDos manufacturing facility as the foam proportioners demand grew. There were steady technical developments and innovations of both the proportioner and the monitors, resulting in the current smart and robotics technology, which is the next area of our growth and development as we look for opportunities for this latest technology.

My personal highlight was the opportunity to start up a new business with my father and FireDos and to see this become a success together, plus the privilege to have worked with the David family as they grew FireDos into the globally successful product we know today, adding the personal mentorship I received from Mr Heinrich David through all the years I worked with him which ultimately had a massive impact on our success in the fire industry.

Commissioning Cape Town harbour sea water FD20000/1/3 foam proportioner with ingo Wosch and Heinrich David, the founder of FireDos (on the left), Mike Feldon, JB Potgieter and Greg Buchanan from DoseTech. 

The DoseTech team

Other highlights are all the 1st that we can brag about:

  • 1st FireDos proportioner supplied into South Africa, Nambia, Mozambique, Botwana, Zimbawe, Ghana, DRC, Mali, Malawi and Nigeria.
  • 1st M9 monitor installation, delivered to Durban
  • 1st FireDos proportioner trailers in South Africa
  • 271 FireDos proportioners sold by DoseTech

Commissioning the 1st M9 monitor in the world and in South Africa as well as a FireDos FD20000/3 proportioner, in Durban, using food colouring as foam simulation.

I will challenge all the FireDos team mates: Who has the most scenic FireDos proportioner position? 
Our Christiaan Barnard Heart Hospital helicoper landing deck on the roof I put forward as one of the best.

One of Mike's favourite projects: the installation of a FireDos foam proportioner at the Christiaan Barnard Heart Hospital helicoper landing deck. In the background a fuel ship offloading protection system where a FireDos FD20000 sea water foam proportioner had been installed.

You work where others spend their holiday – what is your 'secret place'? 

I am very much privileged to work and live in Cape Town. I grew up in Johannesburg, a big concrete jungle, and moved to Cape Town in 1992 to start a branch for a steam reticulation company. Then I had the opportunity to start a business with my father and my wife. We built a business, a family, educated our daughter in Cape Town – now Stellenbosch University. I made this city my home.

Cape Town is a very special place. As you rightly state, everybody wants to come here for a holiday. My secret places are:

  • A beautiful long walk from Muizenberg beach to Kalk bay harbour along the magnificent False Bay coast line to enjoy the clean air, coffee and unique shops.
  • Cape Town Wine routes, in the city a best kept secret – everybody knows all about Stellenbosch wine tours.
  • Langebaan lagoon which is 1 ½ hours North up the West coast – one of the best kite sailing places in the world.
  • Keurbooms river which is 5 hours up the East coast in the area we call the Garden Route. The sea is warm and the weather fantastic – another great place for a holiday.

Muizenberg beach

Cape Town Wine routes

Langebaan lagoon

Keurbooms river 

What do you associate with FireDos? 

Quality, reliability, technically advanced with innovative technology, friendly, very easy to do business with and supportive.

Corona, Ukraine … the world is changing – how did and does this influence the team spirit of DoseTech? 

From the start of Corona lock down when we sent our employees home, I adapted a new philosophy – resolute and optimistic, with a positive approach to getting through the challenges. And we did. Once we were allowed to move out of our homes, my team requested that we open the office and get back to 'normal' which we did. This had a great benefit to general moral. The war in Ukraine is a major concern.

What is your future wish? 

World unity & peace AND: To grow our business, increase the knowledge about FireDos products and systems in our market, to improve our own knowledge and skills.

The Christiaan Barnard Heart Hospital helicoper landing deck in front of Table mountain.

Thank you, Mike!

If you would like to learn more about DoseTech, just contact them directly: 

DoseTech (PTY) LTD
P.O. Box 51706
Waterfront 8002
South Africa 

Phone: +27 861 111544

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