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Our partners in Finland: Teknosafe – passionate about foam

FireDos has many distribution partners worldwide. Here we would like to introduce our partner in Finland: Teknosafe. The company was founded in 1981 and is managed by Anna Helminen, the second generation of family ownership. 14 people are employed in Imatra, in the South of Finland, where Teknosafe is located. The main customers are fire brigades, paper and pulp industry, metal industry and smaller companies. According to the philosophy 'More than expected', providing a high-quality product portfolio and customer service has highest priority at Teknosafe. 

I find it very important to have a personal relationship and long-lasting history. Secondly, I appreciate the quality of the FireDos products, reliable delivery times and excellent after sales service.

Anna Helminen,
General Manager of Teknosafe

For how many years do you work with FireDos?

We started in the end of 2008 so it has been over 13 years already.

Are there special customer needs in your country? What kind of solutions do you offer?

Generally, the knowledge of foam and foam systems is quite low in Finland. Normally customers „just want to mix water and foam" and price is a huge issue. We aim to increase the knowledge in every sector where foam is needed.

One day with Anna at work. How does this look like?

I normally start working latest at 8 am. Hardly ever the days are similar nor are they like planned. My typical day consists of emails, phone calls, making offers, helping and discussing with colleagues. In the office time really flies. Our closing time is 4.30 pm but I hardly ever stop before 5 pm. Most probably you will also reach me in the evening by email – I just love my job!

What was the most exciting project in the last year?

I sold 12 pieces of remote-controlled monitors to a railyard. The project was big and complete planning of large monitor case was new. Monitors have been delivered in the end of last year, but commissioning will be when snow melts and weather will be warmer.

The year just started. What are your goals for 2022?

To be able to meet customers! During the last 2 years it really has been nearly a full lockdown on visits with industrial customers. Next goal is to get sales from the live meetings.

What do you do during your spare time?

I go to my cottage during the weekends. It is located by the lake in the middle of the forest and nature and quietness just makes me happy and relaxed. In the winter holiday season I usually travel to a ski resort with my family and in the summer you can find me at the golf course.

As work takes a lot of even my spare time on weekdays, I do not have many possibilities to have hobbies. Driving kids to their hobbies is my important job. While they are exercising I might use that time for walking around.

What should your customers – and the world – know about you?

Teknosafe was established by my father in 1981. We are still a family-owned company.
About me... I studied economics and mechanical engineering at the university of technology. This is a good combination with reference to my everyday work – even though not very typical for a female in Finland.

What do you appreciate most about FireDos?

People and the co-operation. To me the main thing is people: I find it very important to have a personal relationship and long-lasting history. Secondly, I appreciate the quality of the products, reliable delivery times and excellent after sales service.

Do you have a favourite FireDos product?

Actually I don't. Outlook of proportioners changes – even proportioners are different nearly every time as accessories are varying in different cases. You will not get bored!

Thank you very much, Anna!

If you would like to learn more about Teknosafe, just contact them directly:

Teknosafe Oy
Tiedonkatu 4
55420 Imatra

Phone: +358 5 680 7700

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