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This interview takes us to South America, to sunny Brazil, a country full of contrasts, colors and nature, but also full of passion for our firefighting technology. We conducted an interview with Ms. Andrea Ramcke, Managing Director of MSR do Brasil, to learn more about her recipe for success and the challenges in the Brazilian market.

SR do Brasil, exclusive sales partner for FireDos® products in Brazil, has more than 20 years of experience in providing innovative services and solutions for firefighting to protect people and property.

We are very thankful to the founder of FireDos. His example still inspires us.

Andrea Ramcke, 
Managing Director of MSR do Brasil

How long have you been working with FireDos?

We have worked with MSR Dosiertechnik GmbH, today’s FireDos GmbH, since 1999. In this early period, my husband Albert Ramcke and I used to distribute and service also the liquid dosing equipment produced by MSR at that time. We are very thankful to Mr. Heinrich David, the founder of FireDos, for accompanying us on our way for more than ten years. His example is still an inspiration for us.

What could colleagues in Germany learn from Brazilian work culture? What do you appreciate about the German way of doing business?

In the Brazilian way of working, I admire the enthusiasm, joy of living and flexibility with which all problems are faced. What I admire about the German way of doing business is the technical competence, organizing ability and reliability. For me, the main insight is that the interesting mix of the German characteristics with the Brazilian flexibility and enthusiasm ultimately resulted for us in FireDos being able to continuously establish in the Brazilian market and to keep expanding its position. 

The MSR do Brasil team (from left to right): Juliano Campos, Simone de Paula, Dom Morais, Andrea Ramcke, André Amaral, FISP 2022 in São Paulo. 

Foam test at the company Raizen, ethanol industries

What do your Brazilian customers appreciate most about the FireDos products?

Most FireDos products are installed in Brazil’s ethanol industry. Our customers appreciate the very good quality, the absolute reliability, the easy installation and operation as well as our round-the-clock service. 

What are the main challenges in the Brazilian market?

We hope that foreign companies continue investing in Brazil. That the industries, refineries, companies, etc. invest preventively in fire protection and not only when it is too late, or only after major accidents. MSR is a member of ABNT (Association of Brazilian Technical Standards) and participates in various commissions for the improvement of technical standards for safety and fire protection.

One of our challenges is to continue our growth steadily and to further increase the sales of FireDos products. For this purpose, we will continue to organize intensive product training courses and workshops with planners, engineers, etc. as in the past. We want to make the safety offered by FireDos solutions available to as many customers as possible and thus effectively and sustainably make our contribution to protect human lives and technical systems in Brazil.


MSR do Brasil staff members servicing a FireDos proportioner 

How do you feel as a woman in a traditionally male industry?

Today, I feel respected and recognized. This was not always the case. Especially at the beginning of my job, as a woman in the midst of a very "conservative" field of work in a distinct "male culture," I had some difficulties earning the respect of all colleagues and competitors. Luckily, Brazilians are basically very friendly people, which made this path a bit easier for me. I draw the strength to stay a powerful businesswoman from my family and from the high motivation to constantly advance the company and our team.

How do you manage to motivate your employees? 

It is important that each individual is made aware of how important his or her contribution is for the success of the company. Since we are a small company with only 7 employees, "everyone has to be there for everyone", just like in a family. In turn, it is also very important that every employee can rely on the company. In addition, we invest a great deal in the training and sustainable further education of all our employees.

How do you spend your free time? 

My interests in my free time are natural healing, meeting friends, sports, our dogs and parrot (30 years old). In Brasilândia, where MSR's headquarters are located, we support church and private institutions and take care of people in need. MSR itself supports APAE, Associação para pais and Amigos de excepcionais, (Association for parents and friends of disabled people).

What are your favorite places in and around São Paulo?

My favorite places are my home and the beach of Morro Branco near Fortaleza, Ceará (northeastern Brazil). Because of the big distance, I rarely get there. 

Morro Branco Beach


Would you like to learn more about MSR do Brasil?
Contact Andrea Ramcke directly: 

Rua Barão do Teffé, 1277 – 2º andar – Jardim Ana Maria
CEP 13.208.761 • Jundiai – SP

Ph.: +55 11 2449 4337

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