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Containerised hazardous substances protected by remote controlled fire monitors

At the highly sophisticated shipping and storage port of Kokkola in Finland, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) port exists for the safe storage of containerised hazardous substances, chemicals, gas, and oil. The storage concept, developed by KIP Infra and partners, requires an elaborated fire prevention system. Four remote controlled monitors from FireDos are part of the flexible and reliable safety concept.

Ready to use: M4 fire monitors with varying flow

KIP Infra chose 4 FireDos monitors type M4 with a maximum flow of 5700 LPM and varying flow from 1100 LPM. The adjustable AMPN monitor nozzles can be modified between spray and jet for both water and firefighting foam solution use.

Portable fire monitor control system

FireDos M4 monitor

Ease of use due to wireless remote control

The monitor system is fully remote controlled from either a control room, local remote operating panel or a portable control system. The advantage of a portable system is that it can be kept in a convenient location for easy access by crane or container loading personnel. The system controls all monitor functions plus the actuation of valves. In the event of a power outage the monitors can also be actuated by handwheels without any effect on the monitor capability.

Watch this video to learn more about the application (3:17 – 3:30):

Containerised hazardous substances protected by remote controlled fire monitors

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