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Mobile fire protection at Rotterdam Port

Two trailer-mounted firefighting monitors protecting a tank farm

To ensure the mobile fire protection for tank farms, FireDos has equipped two fire trailers of Hytrans Systems b.v. with M9 firefighting monitors. The fire trailers will be used at the port of Rotterdam.

The GB Rotterdam is an association of approx. sixty companies and the fire brigade of Rotterdam, bearing the responsibility for firefighting in the industrial and port area. For the purpose of tank farm protection, the GB Rotterdam had ordered new high-power pumps and two fire trailers with monitors from Hytrans Systems b.v., among other technology. 

Mobile fire protection at Rotterdam Port

Flexible & powerful: Up to 40 000 liters per minute

FireDos supplied one firefighting monitor of the type M9-DC / AMPN40-DC for each of the hydraulically lowerable fire trailers. These monitors feature a maximum flow rate of 40 000 LPM, which can be reduced to 10 000 LPM without steps and during full operation thanks to the AMPN nozzle. In addition, stepless switching between hollow jet and full jet is possible.

FireDos M9 monitor on a trailer from Hytrans

The AMPN nozzle enables stepless switching between hollow jet and full jet.

Interruption-free, remote-controlled operation

Operation is carried out via a radio remote control. All drives are equipped with 24V actuators and batteries allowing operation for two hours. If required, the power supply can be secured via a 230V power line to continue the firefighting operation interruption-free. 

Flow-optimized: Reaches up to 145 m

At an inlet pressure of 10 bar, the monitors achieve a reach of up to 145 m, thanks to the flow-optimized Oval Flat Design. The water supply is ensured by an HFS (Hytrans Fire System) and two 12” hose lines. 

about hytrans systems b.v.

Since 1988 Hytrans® Systems develops and manufactures hydraulically-driven, mobile pump systems offering high-flow capacities and high-operating pressure that enable fire fighters and authorities to:

  • Extinguish large fires effectively
  • Remove and control nuisance and hazardous waste water
  • Alleviate flooding

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