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Successful monitor replacement in a waste incineration plant

During maintenance work at a waste incineration plant, the switch to FireDos extinguishing monitors proved to be the optimal solution. The M2 extinguishing monitors with three-phase drive and multi-purpose nozzle fit perfectly into the existing installation and adapt perfectly to the environment.

MPS Betriebsführungsgesellschaft mbH, operator of waste incineration plants, was already equipped with proportioning systems from FireDos. It was decided to rely on FireDos also for the maintenance of the installed extinguishing monitors and a maintenance contract was concluded. Within the scope of the equipment inspection, a conversion to FireDos monitors proved to be reasonable, as the devices are optimally suited for the application.

FireDos M2 monitor with three-phase drive in a waste incineration plant

Simple monitor integration into the existing installation

A prerequisite for the replacement of the extinguishing monitors was that the existing controls be adopted and the electrical connections remain unchanged. Thus, two M2 extinguishing monitors with three-phase drives and the MPN multi-purpose nozzle were installed at two different MPS locations. All FireDos monitors are highly robust and have IP68 protection, essential for a harsh environment such as in the waste bunker. The electric actuators allow pinpoint extinguishing from a safe distance.

Maintenance reveals weak points

It was only through the regular maintenance work carried out by FireDos that the plant operator was made aware of weak points in the extinguishing system. By upgrading to FireDos extinguishing monitors, the operator benefits from increased safety as well as lower failure and repair costs. An investment that pays off.

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