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Product training of the fire brigade Schierling, Germany: Roll-on/roll-off container with a proportioning system

This year, the fire brigade Schierling, Germany, took delivery of a roll-on/roll-of container (tank, water, foam) from the district Regensburg. The roll-on/roll-off container was built by GSF and is equipped with an FD1600 proportioner from FireDos.

FireDos instructed the Schierling fire brigade in the FireDos proportioning system permanently installed in the roll-off container. After a short theoretical training, the practical training followed at the local sewage treatment plant. Here, all the Firefighters were able to put the theory into direct practice.

Extinguishing with foam during the product training for the use of the proportioning system

Im Abrollbehälter eingebautes FD1600 Zumischsystem von FireDos 

Technichal details:

  • FD1600/0.3-3-APP-F
  • Max. flow rate: 1,600 l/min
  • Proportioning rate: 0.3% - 3% stepless adjustable
  • Operation: Manually
  • Suitable for foam and wetting agent production from a water flow rate of 180 l/min

We say thank you to fire brigade Schierling for their hospitality and organisation of the successful product training!

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