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Supporting those protecting the G7 Summit at Elmau Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Heliport fire protection: Portable FireDos DZ1000 in use at G7 meeting 

During the 2022 G7 Summit at Elmau Castle near Bavarian Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany, the local fire brigades were in charge of the fire protection at the helicopter landing sites – including a portable proportioner DZ1000 from FireDos.

The helicopter landing sites of Wanderparkplatz Elmau, Poemetsried and the press helicopter landing site of Alpspitzwellenbad are surfaced sites. The fire protection was assured by means of local fire trucks and pump cars as they were accessible regardless of weather conditions. 

The portable foam proportioner DZ1000 from FireDos ensures firefighting foam generation at the evacuation landing site.

Barely accessible to fire trucks: the evacuation landing site

In the area around Elmau Castle, however, an evacuation landing site had to be kept available and secured. Two helicopters of the German Federal Police stood ready at all times to guarantee the quickest possible evacuation of delegates in case of an emergency. Since this landing site was situated on a meadow, it was difficult if not impossible to access it by fire trucks.

Thank you very much for the support and for providing the DZ1000, says district fire chief Josef Pongratz of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district.

Portable DZ1000 proportioner ensures firefighting foam generation

To guarantee the fire protection at the evacuation landing site, a water intake was installed in a nearby stream. Several hoses would deliver the water to the landing site where the portable FireDos proportioner DZ1000 was placed to produce foam in case of a fire. Two manually operated M4/S4 foam pipes would have been used as discharge devices. The use of venturi proportioners was impossible due to the long hose lengths and the pressure loss caused by this. 

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