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'GEN III' Foam Agent Proportioners Enable More Efficient and Comfortable Use in Firefighting

New Generation of Foam Agent Proportioners

With GEN III, FireDos is introducing a new generation of foam agent proportioners to the market. Doing so, FireDos has optimised its specially developed and purely mechanical system consisting of water motor and piston pump. GEN III is characterised, among others, by more compact dimensions, reduced pressure loss, improved cylinder cut-off and optimised delivery of highly viscous and pseudoplastic foam agents.

As a result of an optimisation process, GEN III shares the advantages of the previous FireDos proportioners and adds numerous improvements to them. Its sturdier and smaller design makes transport and installation of the system easier. Hydraulic optimisation has led to pressure loss reduction by 25%, allowing an optimum extinguishing water flow. The cylinder cut-off for selecting the proportioning rate has been improved, ensuring higher precision even under severe system conditions. Compared with previous models, the suction capacity of GEN III has been optimised to deliver even highly viscous and fluorine-free foam agents without problems.

Presenting GEN III, FireDos is introducing the newest generation of foam agent proportioners for firefighting.

"GEN III is a new level of evolution. We have adapted the product to the requirements on the market. In the course of this, we did not move away from the basic FireDos proportioners' product concept but optimised it according to the customers' requirements," explains Frank Preiss, Managing Director of FireDos. Foam agent proportioners by FireDos have a purely mechanical design and are driven just by the flow of extinguishing water. The units work flow-proportionally, guaranteeing exact foam agent proportioning across a wide range of extinguishing water flow rates and pressures. In addition, they allow efficient testing of the proportioning rate without producing any foam or premix.

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