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Kawasaki fire brigade relies on a fire truck equipped with a FireDos proportioner


In Japan, our sales partner, Nippon Dry Chemical, has developed a tank fire truck of the 'Large Chemical I' type for the fire brigade at Kawasaki. This fire truck is equipped with a FireDos proportioner, allowing it to deliver even high-viscosity foam agents.

The tank fire truck is based at the Ukishima fire department, in the heart of the industrial and port area, serving special industries and tank farm firefighting.

The new fire truck of Kawasaki fire brigade is equipped with a FireDos proportioner.

Equipped with powerful technology: The FD4000/3 proportioner

The installed fire pump complies with Japanese standards and has the power to deliver 3600 l/min at 8.5 bar. Both water and foam agent tank have a capacity of 2000 l each. The foam agent is mixed by an FD4000/3 proportioner equipped with 24V drives. Besides a firefighting monitor providing a flow rate of 3000 l/min, several pressure outlets can be supplied with premix to produce foam.

FD4000/3 proportioner also suitable for high-viscosity foam agents

For use with high-viscosity foam agents

The Kawasaki fire brigade has chosen a FireDos proportioner precisely because it is capable of reliable proportioning even with high-viscosity foam agents.

The viscosity of foam agents significantly influences the selection and dimensioning of the proportioning system and the success of a firefighting operation. Some fluorine-free foam agents have a notably higher viscosity than the conventional AFFF or AFFF-AR foam agents. Therefore, it is important to check the flow calculation and dimensioning of foam agent tank and suction line to ensure precise and reliable proportioning when retrofitting.

High-viscosity foam agents cause a notably higher pressure loss when flowing than low-viscosity foam does. This excludes many proportioning technologies that are based upon pressure conditions. In turn, such proportioning technologies are suitable that rely on high-viscosity foam agent proportioning by use of pumps, just like the FireDos proportioners.

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