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Flammable liquids such as kerosene or engine damages pose risks of fire that require effective fire protection on helipads to save pilots, passengers and property. With this in mind, a hospital helipad in the Rhine/Main area in Germany has been equipped with one foam proportioner and two firefighting monitors made by FireDos.

Long reach at small extinguishing agent quantities and quick response times – these were the requirements to the fire extinguishing system. The limited space on a hospital’s roof made a compact solution necessary. Working together with the system installer, a proportioner was installed in the helipad’s fire alarm sub-center. The extinguishing water is supplied from the fire alarm center in the basement of the building. Two small M1 firefighting monitors with a control cabinet and remote control were mounted at one side of the landing platform. The monitors are dimensioned for flow rates of up to 2000 liters per minute and can be operated in oscillating mode.

M1 firefighting monitor at a hospital’s helipad

Long reach also at small extinguishing agent flow rates

MORE SAFETY IN TAKE-OFF AND LANDING                                      

The installed firefighting system now allows to extinguish fires in a minimum of time, pinpointed and with foam. Careful planning resulted in an extremely compact solution that suits the surroundings and harsh conditions perfectly, guaranteeing safe take-off and landing.

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