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Commissioning of a FireDos proportioner in a high rack warehouse

Preventing the rapid spread of fire by extinguishing with high expansion foam

Installation of a proportioning system in a high-bay warehouse

The increased storage and warehouse space requirement means more extensive and larger high-bay warehouses are being built. As a result, both the stored goods and the packaging concentration pose a high fire risk. In addition, the open, high and spacious design of high-bay warehouses favors the spread of fire. Fast response fire detection and suppression are therefore crucial.

In a high-bay warehouse of a consumer goods manufacturer in northern Germany, an FD15000 proportioning system was installed to supply premix to several high expansion foam generators. These increase the foaming rate and thus the volume of the extinguishing foam. In the event of a fire, the entire warehouse can be flooded with high expansion foam within a very short time, as can be seen in the video.

An Inbal valve protects the proportioning system from overload. In addition, volumetric flow meters for water and foam concentrate were installed, which, combined with the FireDos proportioning system, have FM approval. This means that the most critical operating parameters 'extinguishing water volume flow' and 'foam concentrate volume flow' can be read off at any time. These are then used to calculate the proportioning rate easily. The FireDos service team commissioned the proportioning system.

FireDos service manager Philipp Hacke during commissioning of the FD15000 proportioning system with Inbal valve and volume flow meters for water and foam concentrate.


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