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High-expansion foam against wildfires: The mobile DZ1000 foam proportioner in a field trial

The fire brigade of Zeithain near Dresden, Germany invited us for a field trial this July. Their area of responsibility also includes a former military training area. It is forbidden to move away from driveways and paths in this area as the remains of ammunition pose a danger to life. Trials with high-expansion foam blankets to prevent the spreading of wildfires have been made for some time.

For this purpose, a motor-driven fan and a FlexiFoam appliance were mounted on a trailer. Some weeks before that, a first trial with a conventional venturi proportioner had not yielded the desired results as it is not independent of back-pressure and its pump-and-roll operation is subject to pressure variations.

Both foam quality and reach stayed constant for the complete duration of this test run

Portable foam proportioner DZ1000 for wildfire and forest fire suppression

Now that the FireDos DZ1000 foam proportioner had been installed for the trial, the compact pressure proportioner turned out to be just the right choice for this kind of use. Both foam quality and reach stayed constant for the complete duration of this test run.

Thank you very much, Zeithain Fire Brigade!

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