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Foam proportioners for the aircraft hangar maintenance center in Guangzhou / China

The aircraft hangar maintenance center in Guangzhou, China (Source: Wikipedia)

When airplanes are parked in hangars for maintenance or repair, the fuel tank should be as unfilled as possible. However, a certain amount remains inside the tank. Especially in the case of maintenance or repair work, there is an increased risk of fire due to potential ignition sources. The size and height of the hangars pose some extra requirements to the fire protection concept. Our Chinese partner Shanghai Vision has equipped the aircraft hangar maintenance center in Guangzhou with FireDos proportioners.

The extinguishing foam is of utmost importance to firefighting in hangars. Most commonly, high-expansion foam generators are used as an element of the fire detection system. They are mounted at ceiling height and supplied from a foam proportioner.

FireDos proportioners with a foam agent tank – ready for shipment to a hangar maintenance center in Guangzhou, China.

Reliable foam proportioners to supply the high-expansion foam generator

Stationary proportioners supply premix reliably to high-expansion foam generators for the production of fire extinguishing foam. Our Chinese partner Shanghai Vision has equipped the aircraft hangar maintenance center in Guangzhou with several FireDos proportioning systems. These purely mechanical units have electrical valves and pressure transmitters and were delivered together with a control cabinet and a foam agent tank.

FireDos proportioners are characterized by a constant proportioning rate across a wide water flow rate and pressure range and guarantee maximum reliability. In addition, the equipment allows the testing of the proportioning rate while no premix is produced at all – a cost-saving and eco-friendly solution. Thanks to the FM and CCCF approvals, these units comply with the national standards in China.

Our FireDos partner in China

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