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our partner in italy: firing

In the north of Italy, in Piedmont, our Italian partner Firing is located. The company specializes in active fire protection, i.e. the planning, equipping, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems. For 20 years, Luca Olgiati, sales representative at Firing, has been working together with FireDos. He has, as he says, followed the "evolution" of FireDos over a long period of time with fascination. This, of course, made us curious to know more.

FireDos is a company that produces its equipment at a high production quality, in continuous evolution, and with highly trained personnel. Every time you have the opportunity to meet somebody from FireDos, it is a source of pride and the chance to learn something new.

Luca Olgiati,
Sales Manager at Firing

How many years have you been working with FireDos?

A long time. Since 1998 or 1999. I already worked with FireDos before I started at Firing. And I still remember Heinrich David, the founder, with his blue MSR catalog about FireDos proportioners in his hands.


What was your personal highlight? 

I will never forget the first FireDos order.

What kind of solutions does Firing offer to customers? What should your customers know about Firing Srl?

We try hard to give our customers what they need. Our customers rely on us because they know that we can provide them with any installation solution. We cover a wide variety of service and performance, going from simple supply of material to finding valid technical solutions and to the complete construction of systems, through agreements with installers we trust. Our technical office has vast experience in firefighting systems, which allows us to differentiate ourselves from competitors by finding alternative solutions.

Firing, located in northern Italy, has been a FireDos partner for more than 20 years.

What do you appreciate most about FireDos?

FireDos is a company that manufactures products at a high production quality, in continuous evolution and with highly trained personnel. Every time you have the opportunity to meet somebody from FireDos, it is always a source of pride and the chance of learning something new.

What is your favorite FireDos product?

A FireDos proportioner in seawater version .... a work of art.

What do you associate with FireDos?

Evolution. The evolution of a product, high quality, continuous and constant improvement.

FireDos proportioner installed in a container of a waste incineration plant in Aviano.

What is special about the Italian market?

Safety in general is a rapidly growing and constantly evolving market. While, until the near past, safety was seen by many as a mere issue of cost, it has become an integral part of normal daily activity now. In a certain sense, the Italians had to be forced a little in the beginning, but by now it is a perfectly oiled engine that runs by itself.

You are celebrating 20 years of Firing this year. Congratulations!

Firing will turn 20 this year, we are preparing a big party. Many co-workers have been with us for more than 10 years, they grew up with us, it is a dynamic environment where individuals are given the opportunity to evolve and to take on their own responsibilities. Fabio Bosetti, our wonderful boss and mentor, has always trained us to share both problems and successes.

Lago Maggiore

View from the office to Monte Rosa

The mouth of the Po river

What do you do in your free time?

I like spending my free time with my family and my hobbies. There isn't much free time, but you have to carve out your own moments. I'm a runner, I need sweat and effort to recharge my batteries.

Bella Italia – who doesn't love it? Firing is located close to some great sights.

Italy is a beautiful country to visit, for places, culture, food, etc. I love living there with all the pros and cons. I still must discover it; I haven't visited it all yet. Our office is quite close to Lago Maggiore. And we have a wonderful view to Monte Rosa.

What do you wish for the future?

Professionally, I am rooted in Firing. In 2003, when it all began, I was there. We have come a long way together and we still have a lot to do. The goal is set. Personally, I would like to introduce my daughter to the world, travel, see new and different cultures and give her the opportunity to grow up and do what she wishes for herself.

Thank you, Luca!

If you would like to learn more about Firing, just contact Luca Olgiati directly: 

Firing Srl
Via Don Giovanni Preti, 11
28078 Romagnano Sesia (NO)

Phone: +39 0163 826771

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