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FireDos GEN III foam proportioning systems receive FM approval according to the new test standard 5130/TD 197

The new GEN III foam proportioning system from FireDos is approved by FM Approvals. The products have been tested according to the extended, more demanding test standard 5130/TD 197, meaning it meets one of the world's highest quality and safety standards.

Within the FM Approvals test series, the new GEN III foam proportioning system was successfully tested. The test series included more than 30 device types. In addition to a 24-hour endurance test at maximum flow rate, the units underwent two overload tests - one hour at a maximum extinguishing water flow rate of 110 %, 4 minutes at a maximum extinguishing water flow rate of 150 %. In addition, the GEN III proportioning systems passed the dry run test and a test with maximum foam concentrate viscosity. All tests were carried out with variable parameters in terms of extinguishing water flow, back pressure and viscosity which more closely resembles real-life working conditions.

FireDos receives FM Approval for its GEN III foam proportioners. 

* Valid for selected product types. See FM Approval Guide Listing.

The test standard 5130 for Foam Extinguishing Systems was fundamentally revised with TD 197 in 2019 for water motor driven pump based proportioning systems. FM Approvals has thus tightened the approval conditions for foam concentrate proportioning systems. "Within a period of less than two years, we have had proportioning systems and accessories tested that allow over 1000 different configurations of GEN III proportioning systems to be used by customers in accordance with the new, much more demanding test standard of FM Approvals. FireDos is the first company in the world to achieve this. We are very proud of this," says Frank Preiss, Managing Director of FireDos.

With GEN III, FireDos has launched a new generation of foam proportioning systems. The purely mechanical product concept developed by FireDos, consisting of a water motor and piston pump, has been extensively optimized. GEN III is characterized by more compact dimensions, lower pressure loss, improved cylinder shut-off and optimum delivery of highly viscous, even fluorine-free foam concentrate. Users benefit from maximum safety, cost reduction and an increase in performance. With FM approval, the units meet one of the highest quality and safety standards worldwide.

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