Firefighting with foam: How to reduce total cost of ownership

Read this case study to learn how innovative proportioning systems enable a reduction of the total cost of ownership by guaranteeing a constant proportioning rate which can be tested without creating foam or premix.

New FireDos Sales Partners In The USA: Integrated Protection Services (IPS) And J.C. Cannistraro, LLC (JCC)

The companies, Integrated Protection Services (IPS) and J.C. Cannistraro, LLC (JCC) have become authorized FireDos dealers. This will provide FireDos customers in the U.S. with two more local contacts as they expand their network across the USA.

Here we are: The FireDos Image Brochure

It has been the mission of FireDos for decades to develop and manufacture high-quality foam agent proportioners and monitors for firefighting, enhancing the efficiency of fire extinguishing systems. Proportioning in Excellence – this is our company's policy.

New Generation of Foam Agent Proportioners

With GEN III, FireDos is introducing a new generation of foam agent proportioners to the market. Doing so, FireDos has optimised its specially developed and purely mechanical system consisting of water motor and piston pump. GEN III is characterised, among others, by more compact dimensions, reduced pressure loss, improved cylinder cut-off and optimised delivery of highly viscous and pseudoplastic foam agents.