Hayden & Company expands the FireDos sales network in the USA.

FireDos is completing its sales network in the USA. Since January 2021, Hayden & Company has joined the FireDos network as fifth Authorized Distributor.

Remote-controlled fire monitors for fixed firefighting systems

The requirement for automated firefighting is continuously increasing. Remote-controlled monitors allow a targeted but flexible firefighting operation. The technical development in drive engineering, sensor technology and control technology offer some great future potential.

VdS approval for the foam proportioner FD10000/3-S

The FD10000/3-S is one more version of FireDos GEN III proportioners having obtained the VdS approval, proving the compliance with international safety standards.

Smart mobile solutions for firefighting

Mobile Emergency Units can be deployed with potential emergencies, or for preventive deployment during pre-planned activities to stationary fire protection systems. Here we are showing a 10 feet container designed and built by Van Ginkel Groep in The Netherlands.