GEN III typical applications: tank storage, oil and gas, marine


GEN III is the next level evolution of hydraulically driven foam proportioners for firefighting. Sturdier, safer, more functional: GEN III has many improvements, making their application in foam extinguishing systems more efficient and easier to use.

The product concept, specially developed by FireDos is proven many times in real-life applications. It is also the centerpiece of the latest generation GEN III.

The typical FireDos advantages remain:

proportioner icon: reducing risks


Purely mechanical, highly reliable

proportioner icon: improve performance


Constant proportioning rate across a wide operating range

proportioner icon: reducing cost


Proportioning rate testing without foam: cost-effective and eco-friendly





Watch this video to learn more about the advantages of GEN III - the next generation of foam proportioners.


Typical fields of application for the GEN III proportioners are in industries such as logistics, chemical, oil & gas, as well as automotive, aviation and marine. In addition, foam agents are increasingly used for firefighting in waste incineration and sorting plants.

Benefit from the improvements of GEN III foam proportioners:

GEN III icon: sturdier design


Long service life and ruggedness

GEN III icon: pressure loss reduction


Hydraulic optimization

GEN III icon: improved cylinder cut-off


Increased precision also under extreme system conditions

GEN III icon: optimized delivery of high-viscous foam agents


Improved suction capacity


The product concept by FireDos allows operators to more than just minimize risks; it also facilitates a reduction in costs and enhances the performance of an extinguishing system. The purely mechanical concept consists of a water motor and piston pump, featuring absolute functional safety. Driven just by the water flow, no electricity and no backup power supply is required.

It is capable of handling all types of foam concentrates, even highly viscous, alcohol-resistant and fluorine-free foam agents. Thanks to the wide operating range, the proportioners are qualified for all types of extinguishing systems like sprinkler, deluge, wet and dry extinguishing systems.

A constant proportioning rate across a wide operating range guarantees safe proportioning and efficient firefighting in every situation. As the separate foam agent tank is unpressurised and can therefore be refilled whenever necessary, users benefit from unlimited fire-fighting time. Another advantage: The purely mechanical system provides a cost-efficient and eco-friendly proportioning rate testing, completely without foam.

1 = water motor 2 = proportioning pump 3 = coupling 4 = ball valve 'flushing' 5 = ball valve 'returning / proportioning'

Testing the proportioning rate completely without premix and foam: eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Fire extinguishing systems must be tested regularly to ensure their functionality in case of fire. The same applies for the proportioner. The return line connection enables return of the foam agent back into the foam agent tank under live operating conditions while its volumetric flow rate is measured. The results of this and the measured quantity of water which passes through the unit at the same time are used to calculate the proportioning rate. While doing so, no premix or foam is produced.

Testing the proportioning rate without generating foam or premix

  • The testing cycle can be activated via the ball valve 'Returning / Proportioning'.
  • While the extinguishing water is circulating, the flow rate is measured.
  • The water motor drives the proportioning pump in a direct ratio to the extinguishing water.
  • Foam agent is circulated and measured by a magnetic-inductive flow meter.
  • The proportioning rate can be calculated.
GEN III Proportioners Brochure

GEN III Proportioners Brochure
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Type sizeWater flow rate*Operating pressureProportioning rate
FD50070 – 500 l/min
FD1000**100 – 1000 l/min1 % and 3 %
FD2000**180 – 2000 l/min
FD3000**220 – 3000 l/minOptionally available:
FD4000**250 – 4000 l/min
FD6000**330 – 6000 l/minUp to 16 bar0.5 %
FD8000**410 – 8000 l/min6 %
FD10000**400 – 10000 l/min3+3 %
FD15000**600 – 15000 l/min
FD20000**750 – 20000 l/minCombining proportioning rates by our unique cylinder cut-off
FD250001100 – 25000 l/min

* Minimum water flow rate depends on operating pressure and foam agent type in use. See or Technical Data Sheets for FM Approved min. flow rates.


GEN III Image Gallery.


Optional Equipment.

Flow directions of the water motor

FireDos proportioners are available with four different flow directions to suit a wide variety of installation conditions.

Revolution counter with flow rate display for the extinguishing water

The water motor's number of revolutions is counted with the help of an optional proximity switch. The current extinguishing water flow rate is calculated from the number of revolutions and shown on an LED display in l/min.

Cylinder cut-off

To reduce the proportioning rate, an optional cylinder cut-off can be added to the proportioner. This means a cylinder of the proportioning pump is switched to bypass mode. One or more cylinders will then no longer inject the foam agent into the extinguishing water flow but pass it back to the suction side of the proportioning pump. The proportioning rate is reduced accordingly.

Seawater version

For use with seawater, a version with correspondingly adapted materials is available.


Depending on the type series, the proportioner's flanges are threaded or firmly integrated in the housing. All flanges are available as DIN and ANSI versions.

Version for static pressure > 16 bar

In static mode, if the maximum permissible pressure of 16 bar is exceeded, particular components in the water motor can be adapted. This allows them to handle a static pressure of up to 25 bar.

Surge protection

When water surges occur, i.e. when empty pipework is filled after an alarm activation, there are multiple possibilities to protect the pipework as well as the FireDos proportioners. One option is the use of an automatic surge protection valve. This also prevents the potential damage caused by overspeed and water hammer.

ATEX version

With a declaration of confirmity according to 2014/34/EU. Marking: II 2G Ex h IIC T4 Gb / II 2D Ex h IIIC T130°C Db

Version for operating temperatures over 50 °C

Use of a special rotor vane variant enables higher temperatures of up to 80 °C.

Pressure sustaining valve with or without flow meter

When determining the foam agent flow rate in testing mode, it is important to simulate the real pressure conditions in the extinguishing system. The pressure sustaining valve installed in the return line is used to set a defined backpressure. To measure the volumetric foam agent flow rate, it is useful to additionally install a magnetic-inductive flow meter which measures the extinguishing agent flow rate and allows determining the proportioning rate.

Parallel installation

To extend the operating range of a FireDos proportioner, it is possible to install two or more proportioners in parallel.

With a proportional control valve:
The proportional control valve is installed upstream of one proportioner. Typical applications include Wet sprinkler systems.

Without a proportional control valve:
Parallel installations without a proportional control valve have a different operating range. This type of parallel installation is suitable for all fire protection systems with open discharge devices.

Electrically actuated ball valves

For integration in an on-site control system, the ball valves of the proportioner can be fitted with electric actuators.


Electrical ball valve position monitoring

As an optional feature, a switch can be added for electrical monitoring of the ball valve position.

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