Gen III – The Latest Generation of Proportioners.

GEN III is the next evolution level of hydraulic foam proportioners for firefighting, now entering the market. Sturdier, smaller, safer, and more functional: GEN III features a lot of improvements which make operation even more efficient and comfortable.

The specially developed FireDos product concept has proven its safeness to rely on more than ten thousand times worldwide. And this is just what the newest generation GEN III will continue. It consists of a water motor and piston pump and handles all types of foam agents, even extremely high-viscous, alcohol-resistant and fluorine-free ones. What's more, the proportioner is a purely mechanic system and allows testing the proportioning rate in a cost-saving and eco-friendly way, producing no foam at all.

GEN III proportioning system


GEN III proportioners – Your benefits:

icon compact and sturdy

More compact and sturdy design

Reduced weight and dimensions

icon pressure loss

Pressure loss reduced by 25 %

Hydraulically optimized

icon cylinder cutt-off

Improved cylinder cut-off

Enhanced precision even under extreme system conditions

icon viscosity

Improvement in delivery of fluorine-free foam agents

Improved suction capacity


GEN III foam proportioners - how to increase the efficiency of extinguishing systems.

  • More compact and sturdy design while reducing weight and dimensions.
  • Pressure loss reduction by approximately 25% due to hydraulic optimisation by computational fluid dynamics simulation.
  • Further improved handling of fluorine-free foam agents, through notably better suction capacity.
  • Improved 2nd generation cylinder cut-off for selecting the proportioning rate – with increased accuracy even under extreme system conditions.
  • Optimised pipework layout, entirely made of seawater-resistant stainless steel as a standard feature.
  • Improved accessibility of the standard fittings.
  • Even easier operation.
  • Made in Germany - water motor and pump by own design and own production.
  • Operational safety by long-term service commitment and spare parts supply.
  • ATEX type approval according to new harmonised standards DIN EN ISO 80079-36 and -37 for mechanical EX protection.

All existing advantages of other foam proportioners remain.

  • Independet of external energy – driven just by the water flow.
  • Suitable for all foam agents, also extremely high-viscous and alcohol-resistant foam agents, due to the specially designed proportioning pump.
  • Efficient: Testing the proportioning rate without generating foam or premix!
  • Enviromentally friendly by passing the foam agent back while testing.
  • No time limits when fighting fires as the separate, unpressurised foam agent tank can be refilled at any time.
  • Utmost proportioning rate precision, independent of foam agent type, water flow and water pressure.
  • Highest flexibility through optional proportioning rate setting without adjusting and calibrating.
  • Suitable for all extinguishing system types: Sprinkler and deluge, wet and dry systems.
  • No extinguishing water loss, due to water motor as a closed system.
  • Worldwide product approvals


 The working principle.

  • The extinguishing water drives the water motor (1).
  • The water motor, via a coupling, drives the proportioning pump (2). This pumps foam agent (all foam concentrate types, including also highly viscous and fluorine-free) and into the extinguishing water line.
  • The ball valve (5) enables switching between the injection of the foam agent into the extinguishing water flow or return to the foam tank. Returning the foam agent to the tank is for testing the proportioning rate. No premix or foam is generated, and no foam agent is used.
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