International Firefighters’ Day 2020

Today we say THANK YOU to all firefighters! We wish to honour all those whose daily job is to fight fires, to rescue, salvage and protect people.


We are currently receiving an increasing number of enquiries about how to proceed with regard to FireDos proportioners in case of changing over from a foam agent containing fluorine to a fluorine-free foam agent. This is why we have prepared a set of guidelines for our customers.

Installation of foam proportioners at the Istanbul airport.

Istanbul Airport, Turkey: One of the world's largest fuel tank farms. A fire there can be extinguished only with foam. The severe demands on the fire protection system are high to meet the stringent safety requirements.

Proportioning systems for high-viscous (fluorine-free) foam agents: Things to consider.

The success in firefighting depends, to a great extent, on the correct proportioning and handling of foam agents which are used in fire extinguishing systems. Special attention must be paid to the foam agents' physical properties – most prominently, to their viscosity. Highly viscous foam agents have some special requirements to proportioning systems in the course of this.