GEN III proportioners handle all kinds of foam concentrates.

Foam proportioners and foam concentrates are an efficient unit for effective firefighting - provided that they are suitable with each other. The new GEN III foam proportioners from FireDos are capable of handling all types of foam concentrates within a specified range.

FireDos GEN III foam proportioning systems receive FM approval according to the new test standard 5130/TD 197.

The new GEN III foam proportioning system from FireDos is approved by FM Approvals. The products have been tested according to the extended, more demanding test standard 5130/TD 197, meaning it meets one of the world's highest quality and safety standards.

Use of Foam for Fire Fighting in Tank Farms of the Oil- and Petrochemical Industry.

Tank farm fires in the oil and petrochemical industry do not occur often. When they do occur, it is with devastating consequences and negative publicity. This article will describe the typical incident scenarios and present foam as the most suitable extinguishing agent together with the firefighting equipment most commonly used.

Haines Fire & Risk Consulting is Authorized Distributor for FireDos in the USA.

FireDos is expanding their sales network in the USA. From now on, the company Haines Fire & Risk Consulting (HFRC) is functioning as another Authorized Distributor.