FireDos is expanding their sales network in the USA. From now on, the company Haines Fire & Risk Consulting (HFRC) is functioning as another Authorized Distributor. 

Based in Medford, New Jersey, HFRC is specialized in fire protection, extinguishing water supply, emergency management and fire investigation. Headed by Stephen W. Haines, the company operates in various industries, including oil & gas, chemistry, pharmaceutical, warehousing, power supply and waste disposal.

FireDos founded a U.S. branch in December 2019. The location of its subsidiary FireDos US Inc. in Houston, Texas, the heart of the oil & gas industry, ensures some intensive customer care from a central place. Doing so, the service-focused company is supported on the U.S. market by companies like HFRC.

About FireDos

FireDos is the expert in developing and manufacturing high-quality foam proportioners and monitors for firefighting. The products are used mainly in the industries of oil/chemistry, automotive, logistics and by fire services. In addition to the headquarters in Hessen, Germany, FireDos has production facilities in Saxony, Germany and Upper Silesia, Poland. A branch in the United States and sales partners around the globe represent FireDos worldwide.

Haines Fire & Risk Consulting
Haines Fire & Risk Consulting (HFRC) is an Authorized Distributor for FireDos in the USA.